A research journal "Security Studies (vol1 no4) " (English edition)

A research journal "Security Studies vol1 no4" (Where will China go?) was published. The contents are as follows.

  • 1 The US-China Confrontation-Where Will Hegemony Reside Next?- Akio Takahara
  • 2 The Xi Jinping Administration's View of the International Order – China's emphasis on United Nations diplomacy and liberal economic policies− Shin Kawashima
  • 3 Challenges Facing the Chinese Economy Osamu Tanaka
  • 4 The Future of China's Security Strategy Hideshi Tokuchi
  • 5 China's Confidence and Anxiety Bonji Ohara
  • 6 US Strategic Perception on China: Implications for US Allied Partners Tsuneo Watanabe
  • 7 The Hong Kong Upheaval and the Future of Cross-Straits Relations– The 2019 Japan-Taiwan Strategic Dialogue Report – Makoto Ogata

Published by Nobuyuki Hiraizumi

Edited by Masahiro Akiyama

Publisher, KIIP/Society of Security and Diplomatic Policy Studies

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