Security Studies (vol4 no4) December 2022

Research journal "Security Studies (vol4 no4) December 2022 " (Defending Our Country – Defense Policy in a New Cold War Era) in English edition was published.


  • Changes in the Security Environment Surrounding Japan by Ken Jimbo
  • How Will "Japan Contingencies" Emerge? by Osamu Onoda
  • The Japan-US Alliance Revisited: Is it Dependable? by Chikako Kawakatsu Ueki
  • Defense Diplomacy and Defense Production and Technology Base by Ippeita Nishida & Tsuneo Watanabe
  • Intelligence Activities in the Post-Ukraine War Era by Jun Nagashima
  • Responding to the Nuclear Threat by Masashi Murano
  • No Time to Lose for Improving Japan's Defense Capabilities by Ryoichi Oriki
  • Toward the Formulation of Key Security Policy Documents by Hideshi Tokuchi
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