Security Studies
Vol.04 No.02 June 2022

(The Russia-Ukraine War and Its Global Impact)

  • Why War Occurs in Europe? Yuichi Hosoya
  • The Russia-Ukrainian War and the Behind-the-Scenes Stance of the United States Tsuneo Watanabe
  • Why Putin Launched a Military Invasion of Ukraine? Taisuke Abiru
  • The Russia-Ukraine War and NATO Michito Tsuruoka
  • The Ukrainian War Viewed from Theories of International Politics Matake Kamiya
  • The Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the Future International Legal Order Masahiro Kurosaki
  • The Ukraine War and Security in East Asia Narushige Michishita
  • How Will the Ukraine War Change the New US-China Cold War? Yasuhiro Matsuda
  • Impact of the Ukraine War on the Global Economy Tatsuhiko Yoshizaki
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