ISSN 2434-7892

Security Studies
Vol.02 No.03 September 2020

- The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic and Security-

  • The Corona Crisis Seen from a Macroeconomic Perspective
    Motoshige Itoh
  • The Coronavirus Pandemic and Japan's Infectious Disease Control
    Takashi Mihara
  • Infectious Disease Crisis Control in Japan
    Kazumasa Oguro
  • Security Against Infectious Disease Threats
    Takashi Sekiyama
  • The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic and International Relations
    Matake Kamiya
  • The Policy Agenda for the Xi Jinping Administration
    Shin Kawashima
  • Epidemic Control in the United States and International Relations
    Koji Murata
  • The EU's Response to COVID-19 and International Relations
    Yuichi Hosoya

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