Security Studies (vol5 no2) June 2023

Research journal "Security Studies (vol5 no2) June 2023 " (Nuclear Crisis Scenarios Facing Japan and the Outlook of Nuclear Deterrence and Arms Control and Disarmament) in English edition was published.


  1. Exploring the Possibility of Nuclear Attacks on Japan-Nuclear Simulations in the Era of "Three-Front Nuclear Threats" Hiroyasu Akutsu
  2. China's Aim to Become a Nuclear Superpower Masafumi Iida
  3. Challenges for Nuclear Arms Control in the Era of Strategic Competition Among Major Powers Nobumasa Akiyama
  4. Mechanisms and Functions of Nuclear Deterrence-Development of US Nuclear Strategic Theory Masashi Murano
  5. How Would North Korea and China Use Nuclear Weapons?-Scenarios for Discussion Narushige Michishita
  6. Japan's Nuclear Strategy Nobukatsu Kanehara
  7. G7 Hiroshima Summit and Efforts for a Safer World Without Nuclear Weapons Nobushige Takamizawa
  8. Roundtable Discussion-Let's Talk Frankly About Nuclear Issues SSDP Discussion Session
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