Security Studies
Vol.02 No.04 December 2020

- Normalize Japan-South Korea Relations through Dialogues -

  • Foreword
    Masahiro Akiyama
  • The Role of Track 2 Dialogue - Views on the Japan-Korea Experts Dialogue
    Yasuyo Sakata
  • Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic - Lessons from Overseas Cases
    Takashi Sekiyama
  • The Expansion of PCR Testing for COVID-19 and the Problem of False Positives
    Kazumasa Oguro
  • Can Japan Shift to the New Normal?
    Yukio Noguchi
  • Beyond Coronavirus - The Economic and Social New Normal?
    Nobuyuki Hiraizumi
  • The Order in the Indo-Pacific Region after the Corona Crisis and the Roles of Japan
    Hideshi Tokuchi
  • Japan-ROK's Middle Power Strategic Thinking in the Age of the US-China Competition
    Tsuneo Watanabe
  • Japan and South Korea Should Share a Strategy to Open a New Era
    Masao Okonogi

- Topics -

  • The China-Taiwan Confrontation over Corona Response and Taiwan's Security
    Makoto Ogata

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