Security Studies (vol5 no3) September 2023

Research journal "Security Studies (vol5 no3) September 2023" (Hegemonic America: Where It's Headed) in English edition was published.


(Hegemonic America: Where It's Headed)

  1. The Deepening Security Dilemma in US-China Relations Ryo Sahashi
  2. China's Strategy toward the U.S. Toshiya Tsugami
  3. A Medium- to Long-Term Outlook for the US Economy―Can America Win the Competition with China?― Tatsuhiko Yoshizaki
  4. Political and Social Divide in the United States and Challenges for Democracy Kazuhiro Maeshima
  5. Has US Foreign Policy Doctrine Changed? Tsuneo Watanabe
  6. America's Journey to Hegemony and Its Challenges Koji Murata
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