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Taiwan-Japan Round Table

August 24th, at Capital Tokyu Hotel

Discussion on the Impact of the Ukrain War on the Strait Problem



  • Arthur Ding (Ding Shu-Fan), Chairman, CAPS
  • Andrew Yang (Yang Nian-Zu), Secretary General, CAPS
  • Zivon Wang (Wang Qi-Fan), Research Fellow, CAPS
  • Yen-Chi Hsu (Xu Yan-Chi), Research Fellow, CAPS


  • Kato, Yoichi, Special Fellow, Waseda Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies (WIAPS), Waseda University
  • Iida, Masafumi, Head of China Division at the National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS)
  • Monma, Rira, Professor, Institute of World Studies, Takusyoku University
  • Michishita, Narushige, Executive Vice President and Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
  • Tokuchi, Hideshi, Director General, Research Institute of Peace and Security (RIPS)
  • Ogata, Makoto, (Ret.) General, Former Military Attaché to Taipei
  • Akiyama, Masahiro, Chairman, Society of Security and Diplomatic Policy Studies (SSDP)
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