Urgent Recommendations1
Toward a V-shaped Recovery after the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic "Coronavirus Testing for All" --- the First Step of the Next Phase

Kajima Institute of International Peace
Group of State Power Studies/Society of Security and Diplomatic Policy Studies
A Group of Like-Minded Supporters

We need an update on the current infection status of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) regularly (once every two weeks). This is essential for both society and individuals to go to the next step --- resume social and economic activities without fear of COVID-19.

  • Immediate COVID-19 testing for everyone who wishes it. Build a testing capacity of 10 million tests, instead of the current 10 thousand per day.
  • Covid-19 positive or infected persons must undergo isolation and medical treatment.
  • False-positive people must be tested again.
  • With consecutive negative results2 people can resume social and economic activities. They will not be asked to restrain from going out.

Expansion of coronavirus testing

  • Development and provision of testing kits with high accuracy and at a low price. Budget 5-9 trillion yen (tentative)3
  • Improvement of the testing system (including personnel expenses and capacity building of testers) Budget 3 trillion yen (tentative)4

To this end, what is necessary is nation-wide efforts of mobilizing wisdom and human resources of public and private sectors (especially industries).

*Reference: With the capacity of testing 10 million tests per day, all Japanese people will be able to receive a test every two weeks before the lapse of six months.5


  • OGURO,Kazumasa Professor, Hosei University
  • SEKIYAMA, Takashi Associate professor, The University of Kyoto


  • AKIYAMA, Masahiro President, Akiyama Associates
  • AOKI, Reiko Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University
  • ASAHINA, Ichiro CEO, Aoyamashachu Co., Ltd.
  • ATAGO, Nobuyasu Chief Economist, Okasan Securities Co., Ltd.
  • INAGAKI, Seiichi Former Official, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
  • OGASAWARA, Yasushi Professor, Meiji University
  • OKONOGI, Masao Professor Emeritus, Keio University
  • OHARA, Bonji Senior Fellow, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation
  • KAMIYA, Matake Professor, the National Defense Academy
  • KAMEI, Zentaro Chief Research Fellow, PHP Research Institute
  • SHIBUYA, Kenji Professor, King's College London
  • SHIMAZAWA, Manabu Chubu Rejion Institute for Social and Economic Research
  • SEO, Masaru Director, SmartNews Media Research Institute
  • TAKAHASHI, Ryohei CEO, NPO Rights
  • TOKUDA, Yasuharu Director, Muribushi Okinawa
  • TANAKA, Hideaki Professor, Meiji University
  • TOKUCHI, Hideshi Visiting Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
  • NAKAZATO, Toru Associate professor, Sophia University
  • HAMADA, Toshiaki Visiting Professor, Kanasai University
  • HARAOKA, Naoyuki Executive Managing Director, Japan Economic Foundation
  • MATSUI, Koji Professor, Keio University
  • MORINOBU, Shigeki Research Director, Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research
  • YAMAMOTO, Hideo Professor, Chuo University
  • WATANABE, Tsuneo Senior Fellow, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation
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