A research journal "Security Studies (vol2 no1) " (English edition)

A research journal "Security Studies vol2 no1" (Cyber, Space, Environment and Security) was published. The contents are as follows.

  • Security in Cyberspace Motohiro Tsuchiya
  • Japan's Space and Cyberspace Policy Yukinari Hirose
  • Space and Security Kazuto Suzuki
  • The US National Security Space Policy Yasuhito Fukushima
  • China's Recent Activities in Space and Cyberspace Bonji Ohara
  • Environmental Security and Japan Takashi Sekiyama
  • Changes in Global Environment and Security Hideshi Tokuchi
  • (Topics) The Japan-South Korea Relationship in a Cul-de-Sac Masao Okonogi

Published by Nobuyuki Hiraizumi

Edited by Masahiro Akiyama

Publisher, KIIP/Society of Security and Diplomatic Policy Studies

You can buy at the AMASON PRIME MARKET Japan.

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