Security Studies (vol4 no3) September 2022

Research journal "Security Studies (vol4 no3) September 2022 " Xi Jinping's China - Politics, Economy, Society and Diplomacy" (including the English edition) was published.

  • Current Assessment of the Xi Jinping's Rule and Prospects for the Third Term of the Xi Administration Takashi Suzuki
  • Economic Challenges Awaiting the Xi Jinping Administration as It Enters Its Third Term Toshiya Tsugami
  • Social Governance by the Communist Party of China: The Present State and the Future Prospects Kazuko Kojima
  • Xi Jinping's China - Prospects for Its Climate Change Policy – Takashi Sekiyama
  • The Relationship between Domestic Politics and Diplomacy under the Xi Jinping Administration Chisako T. Masuo
  • Military Strategy of Xi Jinping's China Bonji Ohara
  • Japan-China Relations under the Long-term Administration of Xi Jinping: Current Status, Prospects, and Expectations Kazuyuki Suwa
  • China's Policy on the Global South - China's World View and the Configuration of the US-China Confrontation Shin Kawashima
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