Campaign on the problems with North Korea

Masahiro Akiyama
Chairman, SSDP
President, Akiyama Associates

The October 22 Lower House Elections started in Japan on October 10, 2017. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe named this election as "a break through national crisis election" and referred frequently to the problems with North Korea. I am concerned that his approach to this issue is bringing a critical danger over Japan. I would like to show my view on the problems to protect citizens.

Campaign on North Korea's problems

Prime Minister Abe's position strongly against North Korea by strengthening sanctions and pressure only, while not excluding taking military actions underlines a critical threat presented to Japanese citizens with a possibility of North Korea attacking Japan with missiles.

Heightend confrontation between the US and North Korea is increasing the possibility of a military clash through mutual misunderstanding or miscalculation. This could lead to a second Korean War that will result in tremendous casualties not only in Korea but also in Japan. Japan should make it clear that the US must not be the first to use military forces.

It is indispensable for both the US and North Korea to stop at once and to find a solution to the problem. Then a well-planned diplomacy and effective dialogue should be introduced. Patience is requested.

We need to endeavor to have North Korea come back to engaging in a dialogue. We have to discuss a co-existence of North and South Korea with the goal of a peaceful unification of the peninsula. Once we can manage peace and stability in the region, denuclearization of the peninsula might be realized. This process needs a long time.

Japan should play a role in the formation of such an international architecture to secure a peace and stability in the region through the use of diplomatic power.

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